Sunday, January 24, 2021

Group Remote Sunpoint

Group Remote Sunpoint™ Sessions, Thursday, January 21 and Monday, February 1, 2121 at 7:30 Central Time (8:30 pm ET) -  $35 per session.

Align the physical and subtle bodies and join a powerful group of energy medicine specialists to hold the template for planetary awakening.

Call 980-254-5323 or email at to register and receive conference codes.

If you are a resident of Fairfield or plan to attend via teleconference please rsvp at 980-254-5323 asap.

Sessions are being held at 909 South Main Street, Fairfield, IA. Please park on Wilson or Harrison. These are remote healing sessions and are broadcast spiritually via teleconference. If you choose to attend in person. you can experience the unique potency of this work in a live setting. You must arrive at my home at 7:15 pm to attend in person.

Please note: I am available for individual sessions. The fee is $150 an hour (sliding scale fee structure applies).

Conference Codes:
Access Code: 412511