Group Remote Sunpoint™

Spiritual Renewal

Activation and Practicum

This is an opportunity to experience the powerful light of the Sunpoint™ method in a group context. The Sunpoint method is a comprehensive energy balancing technique that was cognized by Janet Sussman, spiritual consultant and mentor in the late 1970’s and developed over the past forty years. It allows the energy field around the person’s body to be strengthened, creating an envelope of densely packed pure light that can support the regenerative capacities of the physical and subtle bodies. When administered by Janet in a group teleconference setting, Janet is able to move freely through the energy fields of the different participants and maintain an overall connectivity to the full group. This coordination of spiritual information leads to each person receiving an individualized session while helping to maintain the coherence and integrity of the group’s celestial structure. Experiences reported include greater access to creative processes, psycho-emotional clarification, increased wellness, and a sense of profound connectivity to the source of Being. The specific intention of these sessions is to strengthen the interface between the heart. the brow and the throat chakras, which will allow us to have greater access to the in-depth understanding of our own spiritual voice. This clarification of divine guidance is essential to our movement forward in our own dharma during these potent spiritual times.

Format of Call

Participants call in to the conference access dial-in and Janet begins the call through a group invocation through vocal sound and guided imagery. This beginning process lasts about 15 minutes. Then participants are asked to hang up the phone and Janet proceeds with the main body of the session which lasts approximately 45 minutes. Participants are furnished with a “call back” time so that they can re-enter the call and receive the closing guided exercise which lasts about 10 minutes. Participants can ask questions or share experiences at the end of the call-back period. Janet suggests that people rest at least ten minutes after the call before resuming other activities. It is best if possible to maintain silence for about a half hour after the call so that the session can reach its full integration.


It is greatly preferred that participants register well in advance of the call so that Janet can begin to put her attention on people who will be in attendance. The fee for these sessions is $35.00 each and can be paid on the link below or by check to Time Portal Publications, PO Box 2002, Fairfield, IA 52556. Please email Janet of your intention to participate or call her at 641-233-8905.

Thursday, June 9, 2022 , 8:30 pm ET, 7:30 pm CT

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