Private Consultations

Since childhood, Janet has had the capacity to see deeply into the spiritual essence of an individual and realize the depth of their emotional and subtle structures. In an individual consultation, she engages an integrative state of consciousness in which the “blueprint” or subtle level of the energy field becomes visible. She sees layers or curtains of light drawn around the subtle field of the individual that help her to identify the causal origins of their spiritual and psychological structure. She is able to interpret these “markings” which she views in the field and translate them into a skillful level of psycho-spiritual dialogue that can help the client understand a wide range of issues pertinent to their life path. The areas included are life purpose, relationship issues, a “time-line” of event structures that may have influenced the path of development, an analysis of how the spiritual energy is flowing in the chakra system, and a felt sense of the flow of the kundalini shakti in the subtle “koshas” or sheaths of the energy field.

During an initial intuitive consultation Janet examines key events in a participant’s life, reviewing prominent areas of concern with regard to a person’s spiritual path. Archetypal habits of mind, which include areas of judgment, fear, attachment, obsession and alienation are fully addressed with the intention of bringing the individual to a place of greater self-understanding and freedom. Janet creates an interactive, relaxed dialogue with the client, in which she utilizes depth listening skills as well as bringing forward pertinent layers of insight. She seeks to emphasize the information that she feels is most prominent as well as intently responding to the needs and concerns of the client as they view their own life process. Guided meditational processes will often be shared either during the session or afterwards. Due to the nature of her approach to insight work, she sees all sessions that involve dialogue as energy/consciousness work, not only those that are of a silent more obviously meditative nature.

Janet deeply believes in depth self-examinational practice as a lifetime pursuit, no matter what state of development the person sees themselves to be in presently. She has a powerful capacity to come into resonance with the spiritual, emotional and technical skills of a person’s developmental journey and to respond in a very unique and expert manner to these areas. Therefore, it is often not easy to categorize Janet’s work as a fixed process. It is ever-evolving to encompass new aspects of her own development as well as to respond in an updated manner to the need and growth of individual clients. Were one to listen to a day in her work with people, the style, language and even the functional mechanics of the work varies greatly. She constructs ongoing relationships that accommodate not only the individual’s spiritual beliefs and process, but the way in which they will take in information best. This may mean employing both auditory or visual processing. She can function both as a practical life coach as well as a spiritual teacher, depending upon the need of the situation.

She views spiritual growth as a very wide-ranging and complex undertaking in which the answers to the “why” of things is never fully understood and the “good questions” of the spiritual path remain vibrant throughout one’s lifetime. Janet often offers suggestions as to creative and spiritual projects that might advance a person’s life of service and their state of spiritual evolution. Her consulting work is strengthened through the use of Sunpoint energy/ consciousness balancing and vocal techniques that powerfully elicit clearing and activation.

To set up a private consultation via telephone or in person, please contact her at 641-472-8830 in Fairfield, IA or email Janet.

Rates are $150 an hour, $225 for 90 minutes, or $300 for two hours. Janet prefers to work in a somewhat flexible time frame in order to cover the needs of the situation and asks people to pay for their session directly after their appointment once they see how much time has been spent.

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