The Experience of Dimensional Change
Janet Iris Sussman

TimeshiftTimeshift takes us on a voyage into the fabric of time that illuminates our consciousness. It describes the process whereby time and matter are created. Our perception of time colors our most intimate perception of Self.

Timeshift opens our awareness to the subtle dimensions of time. Freed from past limitations on human experience, we participate in the massive shift in planetary consciousness. The planet, liberated from the constraints of time bound reality, will break free and become a portal through which human life can reinvent itself.

Janet Iris Sussman is a spiritual counselor, musician and writer. She maintains a private practice in Fairfield, Iowa.

The experiences underlying this book originate from many years of consciousness exploration, including lucid dreaming and the process of learning to retrieve information from subtle states of awareness.

"This book will reconfigure your perception of the nature of time."

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NAPRA Journal

"Timeshift is a scientific poem that introduces readers to an expanded notion of what it means to be human....

Stuart Dean, Venture Inward: Healing the Whole, Healing Ourselves, September 18, 2000

Timeshift has as its basic premise an idea similar to the main thought of Secret of the Golden Flower: That we grow not by keeping our attention exclusively on what's in front of us, but by turning our "light" or consciousness around and shining it back at its source. Related also is one of the keys to energy work with the human body, that nothing comes into the physical that does not first appear in finer bodies up the line, and that incipient infirmities can actually be more easily worked with on these more etheric levels.

Consciousness goes in a great cycle or loop, according to the author's direct insight, from its source down through the levels into manifestation and then back to reconnect with unmanifest energy. So long as the reconnecting continues, the process stays open and free, and new forms can easily evolve. When, however, consciousness neglects to revisit its source, the forms of the past begin to weigh it down and evolution's options become increasingly restricted.

If you can relax the need to "structure" this information flow as you read it, you will actually find yourself with the author, close to the source, and prior to the formation of the hardened mental structures we create and then hold onto for dear life because we have temporarily misplaced our connection with the source.

The book has four parts or focuses: the first is the most general, dealing with the dimensions, including space and especially time. Second is a brilliant perspective on the human mind and on psychology. Third, the author goes into the bodies physical and energetic, and finally, a deeply connecting view of the changes the planet itself has initiated.

I personally feel that Timeshift is the most important book I have ever read, and I am no longer easily impressed. This book explains how we construct reality and shows us why and how to clear away the rubble from the matrices we call our minds. It also shows us in a very specific way how to then re-open the heart.

The Whole has evidently decided to become Its own healer, Its own therapist, and Timeshift is Its first book. All thoughtful and open-minded people will gain immensely from reading it.

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Retailers can order Timeshift through New Leaf (800) 326-2665.