The Reality of Time CD

(Audio Recording)

Janet Iris Sussman

Time Portal Publications, 2011
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CDThe Reality of Time: An Adventure in Consciousness is meant to be a companion to the book The Reality of Time. It will open you to the inner experience of how this material was originally created and bring you closer in to the process of cognition. This involves a dynamic shift into a part of the creative process that lies underneath and beyond the level of thought. Once the brain opens to this different way of functioning, the heart will soon follow, and one learns to live from a completely different point of view.

Available in CDThis recording introduces you into a state of being, not just an ideational understanding, where one has already entered a state of superconscious realization. Then looking out the front and back doors of that life, you are led into a world that becomes available from this very different temporal landscape. You gain a sense what it is like to live, feel and experience from this state. You enter this world on your own and experience it from the inside out.

Reality of Time BookClick here for details on the complete book version of The Reality of Time
Time Portal Publications, 2005

In the words of psychologist Jean Houston, this book is “in the nature of a revelation.” Physicist Ashish Chatterjee calls it “a supreme, mind-altering exposition of the important concepts of time and consciousness.”